With webhooks you get immediately informed about updates which at the same time reduces unnecessary frequent polling. Please let us know about your api-endpoint that Hellotracks should hit, we will set it up for your company: api@hellotracks.com

Job Webhooks

Hellotracks lets you define 5 different endpoints, each endpoint targeting one of the following actions:


  • placechecked: called when a user automatically checked-in or checked-out at a place
  • jobcreated: called when a job is newly created
  • jobupdated: called when an existing job is updated
  • jobcompleted: called when a job is marked as completed (either with success or failure)
  • jobarchived: called when a job is marked as archived
  • jobdeleted: called when a job is deleted
  • jobchecked: called when a job is checked-in or checked-out

Hellotracks will call your endpoint adding 3 parameters:

  • id: The id of the job
  • data: The job data, see also section object Job API Object
  • action: The action: one of placechecked, jobcreated, jobupdated, jobcompleted, jobchecked, jobarchived or jobdeleted
POST `https://<your-endpoint>`

with parameters in the POST body:

Webhook job action response:


Webhook place checked action response:

    data= {
      "place": { <place_data> },
      "who": { "uid": "<uid>", "name": "<name>", "username": "<username>" },
      "ts": <timestamp-milis-1970>