You can create reports programmatically via an API request.



	data: {
		day: 20210428,
		accounts: ["<account-username-or-uid>"],
		format: "geojson",
		reporttype: "dayroute",

Creates a new report.

Either set day or both from and until to choose the date range for the report.

Set the array of accounts (members or places) as usernames or UIDs the repoort should cover. Note, it needs to be an array even if it’s only one member.

Set format as either geojson (default) for GeoJSON format or xls to create the report in Excel format.

Set reporttype as one of dayroute, activities, checkins, gpx, jobs, alerts, members, mileage, places, timesheet.


If the request is successful, the response output can be saved as the content of the GeoJSON or XLS file.