"status_label":" Vacation",
"name":"D Bernoulli",
  "os":"Android 14",
  "model":"Pixel 7a",

Member API Object

battery_levelINTEGERRThe current battery level of the device in percentage
battery_pluggedBOOLEANRIndicates if the device is plugged into a power source
colorSTRINGRThe designated color code in hexadecimal format
deviceOBJECTRObject containing details about the device such as OS, model, app version, etc.
emailSTRINGWThe user’s email address
email_verifiedBOOLEANRIndicates whether the user’s email is verified
google_calendarBOOLEANRIndicates if Google Calendar integration is enabled
idTEXTRUnique identifier, similar to ‘uid’
languageSTRINGRThe language setting of the user, represented in ISO code
locationOBJECTRObject containing the current location details such as latitude, longitude, speed, etc.
location_servicesBOOLEANRIndicates if location services are enabled on the device
login_statusBOOLEANRIndicates the user’s current login status
nameSTRINGWThe name of the user
phoneSTRINGWThe user’s phone number
phone_verifiedBOOLEANRIndicates whether the user’s phone number is verified
portraitSTRINGRURL to the user’s portrait image
roleSTRINGRThe role of the user within the system (e.g., admin)
statesOBJECTRObject containing various state indicators like tracking status, battery save mode, etc.
status_labelSTRINGWLabel indicating the current status of the user (e.g., ‘Vacation’)
status_label_tsINTEGERRTimestamp of when the status label was last updated
teamsARRAYRArray containing team IDs the user is a part of
timezoneSTRINGRThe timezone of the user, represented in a region/city format
travel_modeSTRINGRThe mode of travel used by the user (e.g., car)
twofactor_auth_enabledBOOLEANRIndicates if two-factor authentication is enabled
typeSTRINGRThe type of the entity, in this case ‘person’
uidTEXTRThe user’s unique identifier
unit_dateSTRINGRFormat used for displaying dates (e.g., ‘dd.MM.yyyy’)
unit_distanceSTRINGRUnit system used for measuring distance (e.g., ‘SI’ for metric system)
unit_timeSTRINGRFormat used for displaying time (e.g., ‘12’ for 12-hour format)
usernameSTRINGRThe username associated with the user
vehicle_capacityINTEGERRThe capacity of the vehicle used by the user, ‘0’ may indicate not applicable or not set
working_hoursOBJECTRObject containing the working hours for each day of the week, including start and end times in minutes