"assigneeName":"David Miller",
    "destinationName":"Pickup at Matteo",
    "extra_number_1_key":"This is for number",
    "extra_number_2_key":"This is for checkbox",
    "extra_number_3_key":"This is for number 2",
    "extra_number_4_key":"This is for checkbox 2",
    "extra_text_1_key":"This is for text",
    "extra_text_2_key":"This is for decimal",
    "extra_text_3_key":"This is for text 2",
    "extra_text_4_key":"This is for decimal 2",
    "placeName":"Pickup at Matteo",
    "workerName":"David Miller",

Job API Object

idTEXTRJob unique ID
typeINTRWJob Type: 0=Work, 1=Pickup, 2=Dropoff
teamIdINTRWTeam Id 0-n (the number of the team). Defaults to 0 (no specific team).
destinationNameTEXTRWTitle of this job (1-line description)
destinationTextTEXTRWLocation Address
destinationUrlTEXTRWLocation map URL
textDispatcherTEXTRWDispatcher additional info text (multi-line)
textReceiverTEXTRWWorker’s reply text
contactNameTEXTRWName of contact at job’s location
contactPhoneTEXTRWPhone number of contact at job’s location
contactEmailTEXTRWEmail of contact at job’s location
dayINTRWDate for job as YYYYMMDD or 0 (e.g. 20150530)
priorityINTRWPriority min:0-max:10
numberINTRWSequence number for ordering
onSiteSecondsINTRWThe assumed onsite-time in seconds (e.g. 10min on site: 600)
windowStartINTRWFormat: HHMM or 0 (e.g 704 = 7:04am)
windowEndINTRWFormat: HHMM or 0 (e.g 1724 = 5:24pm)
orderIdINTRWOptional Order ID as an integer number
dispatcherUidTEXTRWUID of dispatcher account
dispatcherNameTEXTRName of Dispatcher
dispatcherUrlTEXTRURL for dispatcher icon image
placeUidTEXTRWUID of place to visit or “”
placeNameTEXTRName of place/location
placeUrlTEXTRURL for place icon image
radiusINTRRadius for check-in/out in meter (place-radius or default-radius)
workerTEXTRWUser name of assigned worker
workerNameTEXTRFull name of assigned worker
itemsToDropoffINTRWNumber of items to drop off
itemsToPickupINTRWNumber of items to pick up
statusTEXTRSet to archived if job is archived, omitted otherwise

Job Status attributes (progress)

The job status attributes hold the timestamp when an event has occurred or 0 if it does not apply.

Note: Timestamps are milliseconds, between the current time and midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC (Java timestamps)

E.g.: 1430580377000 = Sat, 02 May 2015 15:26:17 GMT

tsCreatedLONGRWTimestamp in millis for job creation
tsAssignedLONGRTimestamp in millis for job assigned to worker
tsAcceptedLONGRWTimestamp in millis for job accepted by worker
tsRejectedLONGRWTimestamp in millis for job rejected by worker
tsDoneSuccessLONGRWTimestamp in millis for job marked as success by worker
tsDoneFailedLONGRWTimestamp in millis for job marked as issue by worker
tsCheckInLONGRWTimestamp in millis for auto check-in by worker
tsCheckOutLONGRWTimestamp in millis for auto check-out by worker
tsCheckNFC1LONGRWTimestamp in millis for first check with NFC
tsCheckNFC2LONGRWTimestamp in millis for second check with NFC

Customizable Attributes:

custom_$TEXTRWCustom field where $ is the desired field name
extra_number_$_keyTEXTRWorker input number field where $ is 1-10
extra_number_$_valINTRWWorker input number value where $ is 1-10
extra_text_$_keyTEXTRWorker input text field where $ is 1-20
extra_text_$_valTEXTRWWorker input text value where $ is 1-20